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Curriculum: The Bystander

Bullying is an issue we all face in our schools. In order to create a school culture that is free of harassment and bullying, students, staff, and parents all have a responsibility to recognize and report bullying when they see it. Bystanders represent 85% of the students in a school who witness acts of bullying but aren’t identified as either a target or aggressor.

That is where you come in. As a bystander, you have an obligation to act. How you act is up to you. Join us on a choose-your-own-bullyproofing-adventure to see some possibilities in action. Watch the video below to witness an act of aggression in your schools, then choose how you, the bystander, want to respond.

Before filing an incident report, we strongly encourage you to also explore other pages on this website to learn more about bullying prevention and intervention.